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We promote sustainable and socially responsible agriculture

using environmentally friendly farming techniques. 

For over 50 years

our family has produced

  Extra virgin olive oil

pleasantly understood and structured.

  The blend of local cultivars

- Tonda Iblea, Moresca and Verdese -

gives a fruity flavor with

a spicy final note.


From processing

of  aromatic herbs, carobs, almonds and fruits  cultivated in our properties,

we obtain preserves, flavored salts, liqueurs and many other products

following tradition or creating new items.


Green holidays

The farmhouse, in the ancient renovated buildings, offers the  ideal place for a relaxing vacation in contact with nature.

Overlooking a valley,

farm terraces are the perfect framework

to admire the sea and

unforgettable sunsets.

Rent a car  with us

Ask more info via e-mail or text

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