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For over 50 years

our family has produced

  Extra virgin olive oil

pleasantly understood and structured.

  The blend of local cultivars

- Tonda Iblea, Moresca and Verdese -

gives a fruity flavor with

a spicy final note.


Our company, albeit of a young constitution, has a long family tradition in agriculture, engaged in the production of

100% natural olive oil.

Over the years younger plants have been added to the secular olive trees using local cultivars - tonda iblea, verdese and moresca - to respect the times of nature and not to force production with chemicals.

L'azienda Fondoliva has already undertaken the process for the certification of Organic food which will allow us to formalize

cornerstone of our family culture:  


"È facile essere felici in Sicilia,

ma è un’operazione che richiede un adattamento biologico oltre che culturale: bisogna imparare a

vivere il tempo alla maniera siciliana."



Green holidays

The farmhouse, in the ancient renovated buildings,

offers the  ideal place for 

well-being that only nature can offer.

Overlooking a valley,

its terraces are the perfect framework

to admire the sea and unforgettable sunsets.

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